Brave New World (by Aldous Huxley) Chapter XI

Brave New World (by Aldous Huxley)

Chapter XI

  • This chapter describes the changes in the life of Bernard, John, Linda and Lenina.

  • Public’s fascination for John grows. They find him attractive and are anxious to see him while Linda is ugly.

  • John is quickly famous and popular because nobody has ever seen a savage before.

  • Linda takes soma to find eternity and lies all day in bed. John’s afraid about that but gives in when Dr. Shaw persuades him.

  • Bernard’s new life is more satisfying to him because as John’s guardian he becomes more popular, especially the women want to date him. He has to write reports for Mustapha Mond.

  • Helmholtz Watson thinks that Bernard has betrayed his own beliefs because now he seems to have forgotten his rebellious thoughts.

  • Together with Bernard John visits a factory where all workers are clones. This makes John sick and he becomes disillusioned with the wonders of the Brave New World.

  • They visit the Upper School at Eton, a school for the upper-caste. John is bewildered because the students laugh about the explanation what a savage reservation is while Bernard flirts with the Head Mistress.

  • In the school the Provost explains that they have no Shakespeare in their library because they have only books of reference. For distraction young people should go to the feelies.

  • The workers in a second factory receive soma after work. John is disgusted. Bernard realizes that John won’t take soma.

  • Bernard asks Lenina to visit the feelies with John. She feels lucky to take part of John’s celebrity but she also likes him.

  • Lenina wants to have John and is upset and confused about his unnormal behaviour. She tells it to Fanny

  • John and Lenina go together to the feelies (an advanced form of motion picture where you receive physical stimulation coupled with the visual imagery). John thinks of it as dirty, immoral and disappointing.

  • Lenina wants to get John into bed with her. He refuses because of his moral system.

  • Lenina is amazed, sad and disappointed. She takes lots of soma while John reads Othello in his quarters.


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