Zitat des Tages – Everything was better in the good old days

Juni 20, 2014

„England’s feudal system worked, in it’s time. Each village was a thriving community that grew organically over long centuries. Now, one tractor does the work of the dozens who used to tend the land, cars chew up lanes made for the slow pace of horse and cart. The local small traders have given up, and commute to London!“

„I know the feeling. Somehow, the past always seems rosier.“

„That may well be because it was, sir! Life was harder then -, but there was a sense of belonging that’s been lost in modern times. Everyone knew who he was, what his place was in the scheme of things. He owed rents and taxes to the lord of the manor — but in return the lord owed a duty to his people — to help them out of trouble, to protect them from danger. […]

But the old system broke down long ago, and the English never really found anything to replace it. Now the people hate their lords… and the lords no longer protect their people.“

– Alfred Pennyworth

Zitat des Tages – Tricky Women

Mai 22, 2014

„Listen [..]. Women are a tricky, tricky business. You have to decipher nearly incomprehensible code, push the right buttons, get past their firewalls.. – Only if you can do all that you’ll find what you’re looking for.“

– Batman

Zitat des Tages – Sie

Mai 2, 2014

„Get too close and she’ll kill you — kill you with soft whispered promises — of money — of sex — of love —

and you’ll do anything for her — give her everything —

while she rips out your heart — blackens your soul —

and leaves you with nothing.


Should have known from the beginning —

should have never told her —


She said I could trust her.

She lied.“


– J. F. Moore (1993)

Zitat des Tages: Superman und Batman

Dezember 10, 2013

„Wir können nicht durchs Leben gehen und erwarten, dass, wenn immer es mal schwierig wird, Superman oder sonstwer uns rettet. Also können wir uns nur auf uns selbst verlassen.“

– Batman