Zitat des Tages: Holzköpfe

Oktober 2, 2014

„Alles Holzköpfe! Da möcht‘ ich am liebsten mein Bündel schnüren und aus dem Verein der menschlichen Rasse austreten.“

– Fred Feuerstein

Zitat des Tages – Assholes and women

September 25, 2014

I’m drinking alone in a bar full of assholes – and all these girls seem to like the assholes more.


– That Awkward Moment

Zitat des Tages – Humans are cruel

September 23, 2014

„Humans are cruel, devious predators, busily exterminating every species on earth, including themselves!“

– O Flannegan

Zitat des Tages – Anderssein

August 31, 2014

„I’m not creepy.

I’m just different.

And I wish there was someone around here who unterstood that, someone who I could talk to, someone – more like me.“

– Raven


Zitat des Tages

August 25, 2014

„Es mag überraschend für dich sein, aber es gibt Menschen, die sich nicht nur für Partys, Drogen und Designerklamotten interessieren.“

– Hasta la Vista Sister

Zitat des Tages: Psycho

August 18, 2014

„That chick gets me. And really that’s all you need. Someone who sees the psycho that you are and likes you anyway.“


– Icycle, Jr.

Zitat des Tages: River

Juli 30, 2014

Standing by the river, I wonder
Do I need a stone?
My heart is heavy enough
It will drag me down for sure

Standing by the river, I smile
Will I miss it all?
I’ll be glad to leave it behind
And never come back

Standing by the river, I close my eyes
One jump and I’m there
Someone jumped after me
He will never be my friend

Standing by the river, I’m thinking
Will I jump again?
Behind the closed doors
I have fallen in love with the razor

— Susan Ashworth – The Cat Lady


Zitat des Tages – Everything was better in the good old days

Juni 20, 2014

„England’s feudal system worked, in it’s time. Each village was a thriving community that grew organically over long centuries. Now, one tractor does the work of the dozens who used to tend the land, cars chew up lanes made for the slow pace of horse and cart. The local small traders have given up, and commute to London!“

„I know the feeling. Somehow, the past always seems rosier.“

„That may well be because it was, sir! Life was harder then -, but there was a sense of belonging that’s been lost in modern times. Everyone knew who he was, what his place was in the scheme of things. He owed rents and taxes to the lord of the manor — but in return the lord owed a duty to his people — to help them out of trouble, to protect them from danger. […]

But the old system broke down long ago, and the English never really found anything to replace it. Now the people hate their lords… and the lords no longer protect their people.“

– Alfred Pennyworth

Zitat des Tages – Leere Köpfe

Juni 13, 2014

„[…] was alle die arbeitenden Leute im Kino suchen, ist der Ersatz für die Träume. […] Ihre Köpfe sind leer, nicht von Natur aus, eher durch das Leben, das die Gesellschaft sie zu führen zwingt.“

– Hugo von Hofmannsthal: Der Ersatz für die Träume (1921)

Zitat des Tages – Verführung

Juni 11, 2014

“Es ist keine Kunst, ein Mädchen zu verführen, aber ein Glück, eines zu finden, das es wert ist, verführt zu werden.“

– Søren Kierkegaard: Tagebuch des Verführers. In: Entweder – Oder (1843)