Zitat des Tages – Humanity

I’ve always seen
optimism in life.
The joy.
I’ve always found beauty,
until recently that is.

The earth itself is
overflowing with elegance.
Sophistication. Refinement.
But those who inhabit it are far
from the world on which they stand.

The worst thing that ever
could have happened
to planet Earth,
human existence.

The world flourished
for millions of years,
but now it rots.
And the tenure of man
is to blame.

I’ll no longer tolerate
the abuse I’ve endured
from society.
Society makes me sick.

We’ve become reliant
on what we hear
to determine what we think.
News stations tell us
what to believe,
what to stand for.
Advertisements tell us
what we must have,
what we cannot live without.
All the while
we stray further and further
from what truly matters.

As we strive for
progress in the war overseas,
the one back home
grows more unrelenting.
Violence headlines
every front page.
Duress lines
every street corner.
As the masses turn desperately
to a single man
to suppress an age-old
quandary of inequality.

The world should be
ashamed of itself.
It’s become
a frightening place.
No place for a child,
no place for innocence.


– An Act of War (2015)


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